We all went through the experience of making the engine to fail, no fuel or worse the car stops on the way to an important event and we know how unpleasant can be when we get no help from anyone.

That’s why we, RomTractari we are available in the Non-Stop program in any location in Bucharest to help you tow the car or to repair engine, add fuel, replace or fix your wheel and many more.

Our team consists only of professionals who know how to solve with tact and professionalism the problem you face.

The drivers of our special vehicles are ready to detect the failure of the car and to escort you to the desired location in the shortest time. All sectors of Bucharest are under our coverage area.


In all of Bucharest, from Sector 1 to Sector 6, even around the Capital, there is a specialized crew that will travel in the shortest time possible to your location and will help you tow the car to your desired destination.

In case you are in a hurry and cannot attend the towing of the car, we have a private parking where we can store the car until you take over.

The prices of this service differ depending on the tonnage of the car, but also on the kilometres travelled from one location to another, but in order to find out more about the costs of each service, we suggest you contact us to set the steps and to find out more about us.

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