What is more unpleasant than on the road to the long-awaited leave to have a problem with the car and having to stop the entire journey to find that you must be towed to the nearest car service. Our team is always ready to come to your help, and the large number of requests for the Bucharest-Pitesti Highway has caused us to increase the number of drivers operating in this area.

Being the first inaugurated highway, we all know the increased number of car accidents that have happened over the years and that is why we, RomTractari, have a fleet of special vehicles that only deal with this sector. As soon as we are contacted by our clients, in our non-stop program, our drivers go to the incident site to provide support. The field in which we activate is a very requested one, which is why we have set the most accessible prices for each client who goes through an unpleasant experience. We want every person who calls us to be completely satisfied with our services and to call back with confidence whenever they need us.

RomTractari has been dealing with cars of different sizes and tonnages for over 10 years, so we have personalized services for each type of customer who asks for our help.

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