We all know that departures in the mountain area are frequent both during the summer, but also in winter when we all want to relax in the well-deserved leave. But some of us are not able to reach the destination because the car has a fault and must stop to find the problem. Here we intervene, being specialists in the automotive field and we can be useful when the vehicle gives you a headache.

RomTractari will be available in a non-stop program in any location in Romania, including the Bucharest-Ploiesti Highway. With only one phone you can contact us, and we will arrive at the location as soon as possible to find out the problem and to help you continue your journey, or to escort you from your place to the nearest car service. At your indications, we will start at the location described with the best equipment and with a special vehicle in our fleet in order to meet your requirements. At the same time, our team will be able to make a free finding on the problem of the car, to save you from roads, phones and other money given to the service.

Our prices have been specially designed for people who need help and who want affordable services, but also quality. The tonnage of the car, kilometres travelled by our special vehicle, but also the equipment that will be used at the time of operation, are the main factors that determine the price. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time of the day or night about the problems you are facing in order to send a crew to deal with you.

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