Every summer as we head toward the sea, we see dozens of cars stopped on the emergency lane and think how sad it is to break the car down the road to a long-awaited holiday. Many of us stop to help those in distress, but it is also possible that the problem of the car cannot be detected without a specialist in the field.

That is why RomTractari is non-stop at your disposal, during the summer period, with even more special vehicles ready to intervene on the Sun Highway.

Our crew is always ready to intervene in your help in matters such as engine, wheel, power or even towing the car to the nearest service or to the indicated location. The Towing Service on the Sun Highway is among the most requested type of service by our clients, so we have a permanent intervention team to get you out of the deadlock, at the same time our prices are very accessible; thus, from the moment our driver starts the road on the highway to your location we will charge a sum, accessible to each client, per kilometre.

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