The RomTractari team deals exclusively with the transportation of international vehicles, so we are the most competent in the market for honouring this service. With over tens of thousands of kilometres travelled every month in all countries of the European Union, we call ourselves the best company that deals with the transport of cars internationally.

We are with you at times when no one can help you, when you must transport a car to another country or when you have no way to bring a car to Romania. With the help of the CMR Transport and Insurance License, as well as the transport contracts we hold, we can offer you this service at an affordable price and we guarantee that your car will be delivered to your destination in an impeccable manner.

Our partners are the mirror of our services and reinforce the qualities we promote speed, safety and accessibility. Drivers with more than a decade of driving experience are very carefully recruited, so that the client’s car is transported by the best, without incidents that could subject you to additional costs.

The transport of vehicles at international level is done in the shortest possible time, so from the moment of the call we are ready to meet your requirements to the end and add you to the portfolio of customers satisfied with the quality of our services.

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