We all wait for the moment when we buy our own car and imagine the moment when the car of our dreams is parked in front of the house and we can be proud of the purchase made.

But if the purchase of the car is made outside the country, and the supplier does not provide transportation, things become a little more complicated.

We are still thinking how to bring the car in the country without traveling tens of thousands of kilometres to the destination and without the value of the road leading us to a price like that of the car.

RomTractari has the solution for you! Our team holds the license to transport cars from any country from the European Union to Romania and vice versa. We are the solution for any problem related to the transportation of cars from abroad.

Holding the CMR transport and insurance license, we can transport the car ordered by the customer to the desired location at an affordable price, without leaving the comfort of his home.

The cars transport is prompt, and the large number of our partners and international car transport contracts makes us rank in the top in terms of the speed with which we place any order.

We hold authorizations for any type of car, from new vehicles, to used or damaged ones. Our company has all the resources to meet your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time you are in the deadlock and to set up a meeting where we can discuss all the details of towing the car from the European Union to Romania and vice versa.

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